Xmo Strata Newsletter – November 2014

Xmo Strata Newsletter – November 2014

Falling Signs

Extreme winter weather events, featuring flooding, snow and high winds have become almost common during British winters – and have put increasing pressure on the substructures holding up signs on walls, buildings etc.

There’ve been numerous court cases involving death and injury from falling signs – many belonging to major brands.

The brands spend huge amounts of money on signage to enhance their image – and yet falling signs attract entirely the wrong type of publicity.

Apart from the loss of life, brands have been named in media reports on criminal, civil and coroner’s court hearings, and featured in critical TV news stories, with attendant reputational damage, legal costs, and raised insurance premiums.

The problem is that signs are becoming bigger, heavier and more sophisticated yet still being fixed to the same structures – often without any real check to ensure that the structure is still safe and free from rot.

Our weather encourages decay and rot, particularly in wooden structures.

Xmo Strata crews now have damp meters – like those shown in the pictures accompanying this story – and will take readings on structures that signs are to be fitted to, enabling repairs if necessary before an accident occurs.

Readings of 20% or more in wooden structures mean replacement  or repair is needed before the sign is fitted … so Xmo Strata clients are less likely to appear in unflattering news stories, or be held responsible for death or injury.

Problem Solving

Crews are instructed to resolve problems on the spot if possible – even if it’s not part of their job.

You may remember our story on the crew who found discarded canopy panels … which should have been properly disposed of …. hidden in a forecourt canopy.

The policy is particularly important if the problem is safety related.

Most work is done free of charge … it’s regarded as added value.

The issues being addressed are wide ranging – recently they’ve included

  • A malfunctioning disabled toilet alarm which wouldn’t switch off.
  • The identification of an emergency muster point… at the other side of a busy dual carriageway (the client’s staff onsite were advised to find a more suitable location)
  • A floodlight left unsecured on a canopy roof with no glass (allowing water ingress). A temporary solution was put in place until it could be dealt with by an electrician.
  • And a mobile elevated working platform being used by a contractor outside a forecourt … with a safety label saying that it was only for internal use. The maximum operating wind speed for this equipmet was zero! The contractor replaced it once the Xmo Strata crew reportred the problem.

A floodlight left in a potentially dangerous condition.

An emergency muster point on the wrong side of a busy road.

Web Watch!

The web watch spot featuring footage and photography which often highlights alarming safety issues – this one involves a forecourt fire and it looks as though disaster was only narrowly averted.   You don’t have to look into these cases in much detail to realise lives are often at risk.

Man saves driver in fiery petrol station crash

Watch this video of a man saving a driver from a petrol forecourt fire.

Amazing videos of cars and people having a near miss with trains at level crossings

A video containing a compilation of near misses involving cars at railway crossings.

Hazmat Highway to Hell with High Pressure Gas Cylinders

In this video a truck carrying gas canisters has an accident causing a fire.

Static electricity fire at petrol station

Static electricity can cause problems when filling up, watch this video to see an example.

Emily’s special project!

Xmo Strata Project Coordinator Emily Lane pictured at her wedding to Gate Automation Engineer Lee Wilson.

Lee runs his own business and Emily says he worked seven days a week for most of the year to pay for the wedding!

The couple have been together for nearly 12 years and Lee proposed on Christmas Eve, 2012 (aaaw!)

“By the end of January I’d booked my venue, bought a dress and ordered ‘save the date’ cards,” laughed Mrs Wilson. They had a beautiful summer’s day for the wedding and honeymooned in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Congratulations Rachel & Andi

Xmo Strata Project Coordinator Rachel Owen pictured at her wedding to bus driver Andi Francis.

Rachel and Andi met 2 ½ years ago, got engaged in February and tied the knot at the Archbishops Palace in Maidstone on 27th September.

They both took some time off after the wedding, but deferred their honeymoon and are planning to spend a well-deserved week of relaxation in the Caribbean Island, St Lucia over Christmas.

Steve Knights becomes a Grandad!!!

Congratulations to the Knights Family on the safe birth of baby James.

James was born on the 9th of October to mother Laura Knights, making Xmo Strata Electrical Engineer a Grandfather for the first time.

Steve has confirmed that both mother and baby are healthy and happy.

Prefer to watch your news TV-style?

As always, if you prefer to watch your news rather than read it, catch up with our online TV newscasts – there is one produced in conjunction with each of these newsletters.

If you’d like to be notified when the next newscast is produced, just let the company  know – there’s an easy system for doing that on the website, but you can also just call the head office or tell your Xmo Strata contact, who’ll make sure your details go on the list.

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