Xmo Strata Boosts Its Web TV Investment

Xmo Strata Boosts Its Web TV Investment

Xmo Strata Boosts Its Web TV Investment

03 February 2014

Sign installation and maintenance company Xmo Strata has expanded its web TV operations after a 12-month experiment with quarterly web-based news programmes.

The company says the experiment “was broadly successful” but faced limitations – and has commissioned UK-based Blue Rock Fox Productions to take the project to the next step.

“As a company we’re good at video,” said Managing Director Steve Martin. “We know how to use it and have a large video vault on our website.

“There has to be a clear relationship between money invested and outcomes achieved. Blue Rock Fox is journalist-led and we’ve worked with their people on video projects over the years, so they have a clear brief on what we want.”

Blue Rock Fox presenter Natalie Taylor is the ‘face’ of the programme for 2014 – she was introduced to employees and VIP customers at the company’s safety day in January, where the team also interviewed several delegates.

“Xmo Strata has invested in films about quality, training and health and safety, but has no sales and marketing video,” she said. “That speaks volumes about the company.”

Blue Rock Fox managing director David Bellis said: “Xmo Strata’s managers have a more sophisticated understanding of video than a lot of companies many times their size.

“Natalie’s a terrific presenter and will be exclusive to Xmo Strata in their industry. She’ll have the creative space to show a little of her personality – I think viewers will connect with her.”

Mr Martin said the programmes will be recorded at studios in the South of England, or temporary studios in the company’s offices, so managers can be more involved and even attend recordings.

“We’re having reports from the field, interviews and a dynamic style. It’ll be news – we can add, change or drop stories at the last second if necessary and scripts won’t be finalised until Natalie starts presenting,” he said.

“The objective is to make the whole thing more watchable … but the editorial focus on quality, training, value, health and safety won’t change.”

You can watch the first of the new style news programmes on the company’s website at:http://www.xmostrata.com/videos/newsletter_2014-01.php.

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