Winter Weather

Winter Weather

Health, Safety & Environmental BulletinBulletins highlight issues that will be experienced throughout the industry, and prove a useful tool to encourage the raising of standards and awareness of health and safety issues industry wide. No 599
21 December 2017

Winter Weather

Please see enclosed a selection of safety posters regarding winter weather shared with us by BP.

At the time of writing it is snowing over much of the UK, with yellow and amber weather warnings, and with more snow forecast.  Check the weather forecast for the area you are working and allow more time for travel and setup.

Beware of any hazards that may be hidden by the snow, snow can cover trip hazards, kerbs or potholes making them essentially invisible, carry out a LMRA before walking across any snow covered area, try to avoid any area where you cannot see potential hazards.  Consider using a broom or shovel to sweep a safe path to and around the work area.  Ensure your boots are in good condition and have suitable grip.

Working at height in snowy conditions is particularly hazardous.  Ensure the work platform is clear of all snow before working and continue to keep it clear.  Always use the van as a barrier across the line of fire.  If the snow is restricting traffic entering site from seeing the barriers, stop work.

If you have any concerns about the weather conditions on site, stop and contact your line manager.

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