Traffic Management

Traffic Management

HSSEHealth, Safety, Security and Environment. This describes the code, policies and standards that the industry must follow to maintain health and safety on the job and for the environment. BulletinBulletins highlight issues that will be experienced throughout the industry, and prove a useful tool to encourage the raising of standards and awareness of health and safety issues industry wide. No 595
23 November 2017

Traffic Management

A recent report by the building safety group has identified that there has been a 74% increase in traffic management breaches on construction sites.  This is based on 11,000 independent inspections conducted over a six month period, comparing Q2 with Q3 in 2017.  See

This year the HSE RIDDORThe Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013, often known by the acronym RIDDOR is a 2013 Statutory Instrument of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It regulates the statutory obligation to report deaths, injuries, diseases and "dangerous occurrences" that take place at work or in connection with work statistics also report that 31 workers have died and 1530 non-fatal injuries were caused due to “struck by moving vehicle”, 5 of those deaths and 107 injuries were in the construction industry.

We have had 136 incident reports due to use of driving, including 50 near-misses, and 16 property damage.  This is the third most common type of incident we have recorded.

These statistics highlight that driving / traffic is a significant risk on site, as well as when driving to and from sites.  Always check your vehicle before driving, and use a banksmanAppointed person in charge of lifting operations or vehicle maneuvering. when manoeuvring vehicles / plant on site.  Ensure you obey the highway code when driving, and practice defensive driving – being aware of other drivers and site patrons.

If you find any problems with your vehicle during the daily check, notify the office immediately.  Ensure everybody on site is wears appropriate hi visibility clothing, and the work area is barriered off, segregating traffic from workers / pedestrians.

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