Vicom HQ: a new method of sign refurbishment

Vicom4® Outdoor – a new method of sign refurbishment





  • Vicom4® Outdoor – a revolutionary sign refurbishment system
  • Restores the colour of original signage without the expense of a complete re-sign
  • Marks a significant advancement on existing methods of sign refurbishment, providing UV protection and a 10 year warranty
  • Suitable for application on various materials including aluminium, acrylic and GRP
  • Signs undergo a cleaning and preparation process before the patented formula is applied to the surface
  • Significantly more cost-effective than a complete re-sign
  • Can be implemented while business premises remain fully operational – causing less disruption to revenue streams and customers, and maintaining a strong brand image throughout
  • Xenon tests show that over a 10 year period, changes to the colour in a sign treated with HQ-Colour would not be visible to the human eye
  • In contrast, regular sign treatment showed colour variants in less than five years
  • Studies showed gloss retention levels dropped to just 87 per cent over a 10 year period, in comparison with regular PU which dropped to 22 per cent in the same time


Xmo Strata was the first company in the UK to secure rights to this product, making it the most experienced company able to offer this service nationwide. To find out more about the original development of Vicom, visit

Colour retention results of Xenon tests

Tests carried out on HQ-Colour Red RAL 3020

dE (Delta E index for colour retention)

Nb. The human eye can see colour variation of Red RAL 3020 at around 4.3dE

Gloss retention results of Xenon tests