On-site valeting

Xmo Strata offers a specialised valeting service, designed to clean hard-to-reach areas without the need for ladders, access equipmentMachinery or equipment used to gain access to a place on a site., or the need to be near a water tap.

Valeting forms an essential part in ensuring signware lasts its intended design-life, particularly crucial during a recession when the emphasis is on good maintenance that can extend the life of a sign and keep expenditure as low as possible.

The commercial repercussion of poorly maintained signage, i.e. dirty, damaged, or with non-functioning fluorescent tubes in illuminated signs etc, is potentially devastating to a brand image.

This service is particularly aimed at fascia signs, large building facades and under-canopy sheeting typically found on retail stores and petrol forecourts.

Purpose built VW Crafter vehicles, used to complete on-site valeting, carry their own water tanks, cold pressure washers and hoses and lighting, making the whole process less disruptive for customers and those working on-site. The vehicles are also loaded with a full health and safety pack including fire extinguishers and first aid kits.