Forecourt canopy and structural repairs

Forecourt canopy and structural repairs

As well as sign installation and sign maintenance, Xmo Strata also offers a full range of image, signware and canopy related repairs on forecourts.

Forecourts are busy places and are particularly susceptible to the dangers of moving vehicles, flammable substances, adverse weather conditions and on-site-works.

If repairs fail to be made, they not only compromise the reputation and brand image of the site, they have the potential to seriously injure site patrons.

Xmo Strata offers services including:

Canopy, guttering and under-sheeting repairs

Canopies can suffer from various forms of damage caused by blocked or corroded guttering, fallen under-sheeting, ageing materials, adverse weather, poor design or construction, or a lack of drainage maintenance.

Xmo Strata will attend the site to make-safe on the first visit and then estimate for the work required thereafter to make long-term repairs.

Stanchion, cladding and structural repairs

The main reasons for structural damage on forecourts are vehicle impacts, poor design or construction, adverse weather conditions, overloading of materials from re-branding programmes or ageing components / materials.

All sites and structures are different, therefore the amount of work / time required to repair the damage will vary. The priority in these situations is to make the site safe and minimise any operational down-time.

Xmo Strata will also carry out insurance work and liaise with insurance companies as necessary.

Preventative maintenance

Many forms of damage to canopies or structural work can go unnoticed for long periods of time as they occur above ground level. By having regular inspections, you can:

  • Prevent sudden failure such as leaks or blocked guttering
  • Minimise the potential for safety hazards on-site such as water dripping into electrics
  • Protect your revenue, as dangerous sites may need to be closed entirely and cause a site to cease trading until the problem is fixed

To discuss repairs on your site please Contact us.

Canopy extensions

Xmo Strata has recently expanded its service by offering structural canopy work to its already extensive portfolio.

The company can assist with any form of canopy extension work, including moving supporting columns and replacing structural material used.

In some cases the company has been able to reduce, and even eliminate, the risk of welding new metal to an existing canopy structure whilst also reducing the amount of work required at height and the overall amount of time taken to complete work.