Emergency call-outs

Xmo Strata vehicles are all fitted with tracker devices, so that the call centre can swiftly locate the nearest vehicle to an emergency call-out. This saves time and wasted mileage as the crew nearest to the emergency can reach the customer quickly and without travelling unnecessarily. On board sat nav units ensure that the drivers are notified of road blocks or traffic congestion, enabling crews to take the fastest route to site at all times.

Duty Engineers are contactable at all times via mobile phone or email. This ensures that emergency call-outs are dealt with promptly. By providing more than one out of hours emergency contact number for customers, Xmo Strata eliminates the problems which may be created if for some reason a telephone number is unavailable.



Steve Martin, Managing Director of Xmo Strata takes part in an interview for the BBC as sign engineers worked flat out on hundreds of emergency call-outs. Hurricane Katrina and the rise in fuel prices presented the company with the task of updating sign technology to accept £1-a-litre at petrol stations nationwide.