Asset Management : XmoMan

Introducing XmoMan: A unique data management information system


Without data you are just another person with an opinion.

XmoMan has been in use for the last ten years and is pivotal in the efficient running of the company. It is a comprehensive database of all Xmo Strata jobs, locations and stock, as well as including detailed information on health and safety, quality analysis, value creation, estimating, purchasing, training, vehicle maintenance and job planning.

The system was developed entirely in-house and is exclusive to the company.

We want to give you a basic overview in this issue; you can also find a demonstration of the system on the website by visiting

Job / project information

This includes details of current projects and gives a breakdown of all individual jobs/sites within them. Activities can be filtered by job number, client number, site and reference number.

Site photography / site information:

All crews carry digital cameras on-site and images are uploaded to XmoMan daily for customers to view the progress of their project. If any faults/problems are identified, crews will obtain photographic evidence which will be shared with the client via their secure log-in on the Xmo Strata homepage.

Employee / subcontractor training records:

XmoMan holds details of all employee’s and subcontractor’s qualifications. The system ‘flags-up’ any individual employees who have qualifications due for renewal.

Trend Analysis:

By keeping detailed records of individual sites, XmoMan can identify trends including any commonalities between faults and the type of damage or cause, and the causes of the most expensive job types.

Value Creation:

Information on cost-savings made on projects are entered into the XmoMan system. These savings may include combining deliveries or re-designing components.

This shows our customers that we can add value that is not identifiable in tender submissions.

Carbon FootprintThe total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person.:

All crews and approved subcontractors keep detailed records of vehicle mileages, enabling us to monitor our carbon footprintThe total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person. and identify geographically where to recruit new teams to reduce travel and carbon output.

Instant Report Generation:

Reports can be generated at the touch of a button and can be shared with clients upon request.

These detailed reports can be used to:

  • Analyse projects, including SLA compliance (average time to attend site)
  • Provide financial reports, including WIP, overall job costs, overhead costs
  • Comparisons of actual costs to estimate and planned costs
  • Identify excessive visits to site, or excessive hours on jobs
  • Programme crews holidays, sickness, training
  • Plan site visits, crew to attend / date / expected duration on site, distance needed to travel from previous location
  • Calculate crews payable hours, taking into account overtime & guaranteed hours etc
  • Identify paperwork received from crews, and jobs crew attended where paperwork has not been received
  • Identify TBTInteractive Discussion held on tasks relative to the works we undergo.’s / Training given to crews
  • Identify PAT testing of crews tools
  • Comprehensive H&S report on each person

Stock Control:

Sometimes there are potential savings to be made by re-using redundant signage. By keeping records of stock levels, we are able to pass cost-savings onto our customers and improve job completion times. Our in house painters, sprayers and our partnership with Vicom International (restorative coatings) has led to strong value creation performance with some of our leading customers.

Health and Safety:

XmoMan’s sophisticated technology is able to generate comprehensive reports of all data relating to Health and Safety.

Xmo Strata has an open policy regarding Health and Safety and the graphical data generated contains information on audits, near misses, toolbox talks and accidents/incidents throughout the company.

Monthly reports can be distributed to customers upon request and Xmo Strata can tailor reports specifically to inform clients of data specific to their projects if required.

Incident Investigation Reports:

Records of all incidents and near misses are recorded on XmoMan and categorised according to their cause(s) and type. This enables trends to be analysed so that potential dangers can be identified, and resources allocated to address them.


All customer rates are stored in XmoMan and schedules can be generated automatically for each project. Once the quantities have been entered, this schedule of rates can be sent to the customer.

The schedule of rates also includes material costs and expected man-hours for the job (used by the job scheduling department when planning the works), and can be used for final project comparisons of actual hours Vs estimated hours.

Job Planning:

The job planning capabilities of XmoMan assist the project administrators and planning department to schedule visits based on location, date, anticipated duration, skill level of crew required (i.e. electrician, sign fitter etc). One of our latest updates enables us to plan mileage based on GPS locations in advance of travelling and therefore contributes to our Carbon Emission performance. If the work changes and sites are re-scheduled, it is immediately visible to the job planner as to the effect on mileage and subsequent travel time that the changes have made.

Vehicle Maintenance

All Xmo Strata vehicles are logged in XmoMan. This part of the system contains details of MOTs, services, tax, audits, safety checks etc and is able to notify the fleet maintenance department when any of these are due for renewal.

Customer Log-in :


XmoMan has a secure log-in which is accessed from the home page of the Xmo Strata website. Clients are provided with a unique username and password, allowing access to all projects relevant only to them.