Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Health, Safety & Environmental BulletinBulletins highlight issues that will be experienced throughout the industry, and prove a useful tool to encourage the raising of standards and awareness of health and safety issues industry wide. No 567
11 May 2017

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

As part of our random alcohol and drug testing procedure, our occupational health service provider attended a site that we were working at on 27th April and on the same day attended the Xmo Strata Head Office to conduct random drugs and alcohol testing.

Two site team members were selected at random, by the service provider and two office team members were selected in the same way.

All four employees were tested for the presence of following drugs:


I am pleased to confirm that all four employees tested negative for all substances and Fit to Work notes were issued for all.

Please remember that if you are prescribed drugs by your GP or doctor that may affect your ability to drive or operate machinery, please advise your line manager with immediate effect; we care about your safety and will try to work with you if we know of any issues.

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