Infographics From Xmo Strata!

Infographics From Xmo Strata!

Infographics From Xmo Strata!

22 May 2014

Sign installation and maintenance company Xmo Strata has joined the infographics revolution – using the medium to tell some of its corporate story on the web.

The first infographics presentation, which lasts less than two minutes, is about the company’s ability to deal with the management of change and to add value to its work.

“Infographics in themselves aren’t new, but there has been an absolute explosion in their use on the web now that easily available software has made them easy to create,” said Managing Director Steve Martin.

“They can show-and-tell, presenting information in an easily digestible way. People take information on board in different ways and our infographics presentations will use text, images and audio to get the story across simply and effectively.”

You can see the first infographics presentation by clicking on this link:

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