Improper Motivation

Improper Motivation

Health, Safety & Environmental BulletinBulletins highlight issues that will be experienced throughout the industry, and prove a useful tool to encourage the raising of standards and awareness of health and safety issues industry wide. No 568
18 May 2017

Improper Motivation

As part of our accident / PI investigation procedures, we attempt to identify the basic cause of incidents, this being the root cause or underlying reason why the incident happened.

The attached page from our H&S Steering Meeting statistics shows that one of the biggest causes of incidents is improper motivation, with 38% of all incidents logged having improper motivation assessed as the underlying cause.  Of the incidents relating to Xmo Strata, 24% have been assessed as improper motivation.

Usually this cause classification is a result of a misguided attempt to save money or time for either the company or the individual involved.

When considering cost or time saving measures, always consider the long-term consequences of those savings – are you potentially leaving hazards on site or cutting corners that could result in increased hazards for future maintenance workers?  The savings may seem worthwhile now, but could come back to haunt us all in the future.

If you have suggestions as to how processes can be improved to save money or time, contact your line manager with details so that the long term consequences can be evaluated and risk assessed before being documented and implemented.

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