Why is health & safety important to sign buyers or asset managers?

Both the customer and sign Company share a responsibility to provide a safe working environment. Should an industrial accident occur, both parties may be held accountable and will be required to produce adequate proof that health and safety procedures had been adhered to on their part.

Xmo Strata closely monitors the opinions of its workforce with regard to Health and Safety, by periodically issuing Climate Surveys to all employees. The questionnaire has been developed by the Health and Safety Executive and provides an anonymous means of evaluating the company’s strengths and weaknesses. In turn, the results enable senior staff to improve upon any areas necessary, results are also shared with customers.

The Managing Director of Xmo Strata, Steve Martin, offers an insight into the sign industry in his newly published book, Safety, quality, tricks and lies. It is an easy read and much of the advice it contains could be useful to anyone dealing with any contractors or sub contractors, not just sign companies.  It is short on theory, and long on practical, common sense advice.  It is published by Arima at £14.95 and available on Amazon and by special order from all good bookshops.

Steve Martin has thrown the gauntlet down to the British sign industry with a vengeance. He may have his own agenda, but it is very refreshing to see a member of the contracting industry take safety seriously, and challenge his peers to match his standards.”

Colin Bennett
Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner and leading adviser to major international brands

“If you are in the business of buying signage, you need to read this book. The sections on health and safety are spot-on, and the sections on fraud are alarming. Much of the advice is excellent, whether or not you are dealing with a sign company.”

Jamie Cliffe
Managing Director, Safety Management Training Systems (SMTS) Ltd