Thoughts on health and safety days

“The commitment the Xmo Strata team demonstrated on the 2012 safety awareness day is commendable. Everyone participated enthusiastically. I particularly enjoyed the session engaging the team in the different methods of how we learn and absorb information.

“Safety is clearly on the top of the agenda with Xmo Strata, an approach we welcome and wholeheartedly support.

“Well done to Steve and the team and I look forward to future events.”

Jeff Woodward UK Country Manager – Global Alliance – Lend Lease

“Xmo Strata is totally committed to improving the safety culture of its employees, and its Safety Awareness Day is just one tool used to reinforce that commitment.

The company operates a ‘No blame’ policy which empowers staff to challenge working practices and report near misses/potential incidents freely so that lessons can be learnt.

At this year’s event, participants were asked to openly discuss everyday real life situations faced by front-line staff with the purpose of resolving any issues and producing a Safety Awareness DVD.

It is vital that the workforce feels valued and takes ownership for health and safety matters themselves, and with strong leadership from Steve Martin and Kate Parmentier that is certainly the case with Xmo Strata.”

Allan Manning, HSSEHealth, Safety, Security and Environment. This describes the code, policies and standards that the industry must follow to maintain health and safety on the job and for the environment. Project ManagerPerson responsible for the project., Artelia UK

“I attend lots of these sorts of events, some put on by contractors, most put on by clients. The Xmo Strata Safety Awareness day was up there with the very best as an example of sharing and collaborating safety ideas and initiatives. For me the event demonstrated several key points, Xmo Strata’s total commitment to safety, the involvement and collaboration of ALL employees and also the involvement and support of its customer base.

“Steve and the Xmo team once again clearly demonstrated that when it comes to safety performance they truly walk the talk. I am looking forward to next year’s event already.”

Terry Moody, H.S.E. Director, Gilbarco Veeder-Root

“I found the day extremely valuable and it was great to meet many of the front line teams who talk openly and honestly about safety and how important it is to them.

“I certainly welcomed Xmo’s safety leadership approach as well as the whole team’s passion and personal commitment to safety. Xmo Strata certainly sets the benchmark in terms of safety awareness and more importantly demonstrates strong practices and industry leading behaviour.

“The training DVD captured Xmo Strata’s commitment to listening and encouraging front line staff to constantly review operating practices and suggest improvements. The DVD itself was a great way of introducing a new practice to the teams.”

James Garton, UK Maintenance Manager, Convenience Retail, BP Oil UK