Fixings on Roof Sheeting

Fixings on Roof Sheeting

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11 January 2018

Fixings on Roof Sheeting

Please see below photograph of discarded fixings collected by one of our employees when completing a canopy Roof Sheeting job. 

Our team collected 350 fixings from a client’s canopy roof on a recent Roof Sheeting replacement.

This is unfortunately a motivational issue with some sign company’s fitters simply throwing them onto the roof when removing the fascias as opposed to collecting them in a bucket and disposing of them safely and with a consideration to good housekeeping.

This poor motivation can lead to two key issues:-

  • The discarded fixings corrode small holes in the canopy roof over time – leading to ongoing maintenance issues and eventual replacement of the affected sheets. From a client perspective, this is costly in the long term and is something we need to be sure to avoid.
  • This practice causes additional work when it comes to replacing the sheeting as they need to be collected first to avoid them falling into the canopy void and lights when the sheets are removed. From our perspective this is time spent on site collecting other’s waste that could be spent on completing the job at hand.

Please always ensure that when removing signage or sheeting that your waste fixings are collected and disposed of correctly.

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