Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality BulletinBulletins highlight issues that will be experienced throughout the industry, and prove a useful tool to encourage the raising of standards and awareness of health and safety issues industry wide. No 605
01 February 2018


Please see enclosed a safety alert regarding a fatal accident that was shared with us by Quant Service.

The latest HSEThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) - The body responsible for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare, and for research into occupational risks in England and Wales and Scotland. statistics show that there were 137 workers killed at work in 2016/17.

A further 53,000 non-fatal injuries occurred caused by “struck by moving object”.

We regularly have to work with suspended loads, using cranes/hiabs to lift MIDMain Identity Sign - The big Price sign on a petrol forecourt, sometimes referred to as Totem, Gantry, PID, Pole.’s into position or to lift materials onto canopy roofs.  It is important that the check the load is stable and all the equipment is in the correct position and suitable for use.  Always complete a lift plan and crane checklist for all crane/hiab lifting operations.  When the lift is in progress keep away from the load in case of unexpected movement, and never move under the load.  Agree hand signals with the crane/hiab operator before starting the lift and be aware that the operator may not have full view of the load, especially when working on canopy roofs.

If you are in any doubt as to the safety of a lifting operation, stop the lift and discuss the problem with the crane operator and your line manager.

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