Daylight Hours

Daylight Hours

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28 December 2017

Winter Daylight Hours

Please see enclosed a safety poster regarding winter weather shared with us by BP.

Winter solstice this year has now passed, but the short daylight hours still means that we are driving to and from jobs after dark, sunrise today is 08:06 and sunset is 15:58 in London, giving less than 8 hours of daylight. 

Always take this into account when planning jobs.  Some jobs require power to the canopy lights to be turned off the safely carry out the works, these jobs should be planned so they are carried out during the daylight hours, both to ensure you can see but also to ensure customers entering site can see you and the pumps.

If you are turning off site lights ensure you have enough time to complete the works and turn them back on before sunset.

Always wear high visibility clothing on site, and ensure your work area is barriered off with the vehicle used in the line of fire wherever possible.

When driving ensure your lights are in working order and are turned on.  Beware of pedestrians that may not be wearing appropriate visible clothing, or may be having trouble walking in the slippery winter conditions.

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