Case Study – In Situ Structural Canopy Alteration

Project – In situ Structural Canopy Alteration

Xmo Strata was appointed to design and implement specialist structural changes to the canopy fascia at Shell Hazlemere. The Xmo Strata team approached the canopy works in the same way it tackles signage – by working out the safest way possible to do the job.

The scope of the work involved extending the forecourt canopy, moving a set of support columns so that there is enough space for two cars to fit between the two sets of columns, and replacing the canopy’s main steel beam whilst also strengthening the perimeter structural fascia by carrying out extensive welding. All of the welding work would have been done at height. Xmo Strata’s structural canopy team opted for a different approach.

After examining the original scheme we decided to drill into the existing main beams and bolt on two new beams to both sides of the central one. By using bolts instead of welding we eliminated the risk of doing any ‘hot works’ which is an important safety consideration on a petrol forecourt and because all of the new steel simply bolted together we cut the amount of work at height we had to do by 70%.”

The modifications were completed in three days and although more steel was needed than the original job specified the whole refit process took much less time and involved less risk than welding the canopy.