Case Study – Project Mary

Case Study – Project Mary

Project Details
Project Mary, a strictly confidential signware rebranding programme
The Challenge:-
To rebrand 253 sites from the Total Oil image to the latest Shell RVIe visual standards in a 10 month period whilst still rebranding 40 ‘business as usual’ Care & Maintain sites, more than 100 Deli-To-Go shops and 13 full sites from Waitrose to Shell with zero accidents and industry leading environmental leadership.

Project Overview


Shell had procured 253 sites from Rontec Investments with a commitment to rebrand them by the end of 2012. The programme was managed by Artelia UK, who appointed Xmo Strata to conduct strictly confidential, non-invasive surveys of all sites, without arousing the suspicion of the operating staff. A survey plan was developed and approved by the client and all sites were surveyed, rebranding proposals including a validation document and detailed costs were put forward in line with documented visual standards for approval by the client and then subsequent planning consent.

Our XmoMan Management Information System was utilised to generate a bill of materials for the client to place orders with the signware provider and the deliveries were co-ordinated to achieve maximum cost efficiency and were delivered in bulk to a centrally located warehouse specified by us.

A 40 site buffer stock order was placed to pre-empt any customs or transportation delays and this was managed by the Xmo team and reconciled towards the end of the programme to ensure that it was utilised in a cost effective way.

In order to maximise shipping container space, the canopy back-frames were delivered flat-packed by the supplier and assembled in the warehouse by the Xmo team to minimise exposure time and expedite the work on site.

The comprehensive programme of works to include de-branding, re-signalisation and spraying and re-livery of all fuel dispensers was done over a 7 day period and was integrated with other works on site.


A few of the programme statistics are summarised as follows:-

  •  More than 20km of canopy fascia was replaced to latest specification.
  • More than 10 km of LED Red Bar was installed.
  • More than 1,000 fuel dispensers were sprayed in-situ and re-liveried.
  • More than 1,000 Leader Boards were installed
  • More than 1,000 CSU bins were sited.
  • 254 LED display price signs were installed, with 22 possible panel configurations.
  • 253 shop fascias were installed.


The programme was completed on time, on budget, there were no accidents at all and the Xmo team traceably recycled more than 500 tonnes of image related waste.

Mark Day, Director of Multi-Site, Artelia UK, commented as follows:- “Our client Shell is amongst the largest corporations in the world and as we do at Artelia, expect best value along with the highest levels of service, safety and environmental performance. Xmo Strata certainly achieved all the SLA’s agreed, overcame a number of unforeseen obstacles that would have otherwise delayed the programme, delivered additional value and worked with our team to deliver the best environmental traceability reports that we have seen to date.”