Case Study – Autogas Rebrand

Autogas Rebrand

Why did you choose Xmo Strata as a partner when reviewing the tender?

Autogas Limited are a joint venture company between Shell U.K. Oil Products Limited and Calor Gas Limited set up to supply Autogas LPG primarily to the Shell network of petrol filling stations.  Following our tender to re-brand our equipment on 225 petrol forecourts in the UK, Xmo Strata were chosen as we felt that they supplied the best balance of cost effectiveness, enthusiasm, understanding of the requirement and also offered the most confidence in their approach to health and safety.  This last aspect was particularly important to us as working in the potentially hazardous environment of a petrol forecourt requires specific understanding of the risks and involved and Xmo’s experience in this area was vital.

How do you feel we have managed the programme (so far)?

The programme which was spread out over 5 months was handled very effectively from its early trial stages through to full implementation.  I was particularly impressed with the feedback and suggestions we received from Xmo through the trail phases that meant that when we rolled it out across the entire network it went as smoothly as possible.  At all stages communication with everybody within Xmo was superb, right the way up to Steve, nothing was too much trouble and perhaps the best I can say in this regard was that it never really felt like a client/contractor relationship and more like a partnership to achieve the desired goal.

Do you think we have overcome problems or obstacles when we encountered them? – any examples?

Of course with any large project there are some unexpected events, from relatively small things like pump configurations that we were not expecting, to potential problems with changes to procedures from Shell that we had to follow when on site.  At all stages if Xmo were aware of a potential issue this was communicated to Autogas at the earliest opportunity and where necessary we had discussion of the best way to overcome the problem.  Again these were dealt with as a group and Xmo contributed their expertise where necessary to help.

Are you happy with how we have managed the budget and communicated progress and reported any issues?

Right from the start there was a fixed budget that we could not exceed and Xmo’s approach to this was clear and concise, communicating what was and what was not possible as part of this budget.  Particularly where things were not covered by the initial project Xmo were quick to communicate this and inform us of any budget implications.  Where necessary a separate quotation was issued for Autogas to decide if we wanted to proceed.  At no time were there any unhappy surprises where work was completed without our authorisation.