Case Study – Applegreen Rebrand


Xmo Strata carried out a rebranding programme for Applegreen’s fast-expanding UK operation – and the contract set new UK standards on a number of levels.
Petrogas Global Ltd, which trades as Applegreen, had 24 sites in the UK – but after acquiring sites from the Co-op had increased this figure to 45.
Xmo Strata was tasked with changing 12 of the new sites from Texaco branding to that of Applegreen – but the customer set some demanding targets.
“A normal site rebranding will take maybe a week to ten days, depending, clearly, on the size of the site, the scope of the work, and the resources which the customer is willing to pay for,” said Managing Director Steve Martin.
“Applegreen wanted things to move a little faster than that. At the same time they didn’t want any sacrifices in terms of safety or quality – and whilst they wanted good value, they were also prepared to resource the requirement.
The result? Sites were double-crewed, with electricians, painters and sprayers all working simultaneously. Existing signware was reconditioned, LED price units were fitted, and all ‘debranded’ signware was traceably recycled.
Safety procedures were adhered to with Xmo Strata’s usual diligence and there was no sacrifice in terms of quality. It was achieved thanks to extremely careful planning, tightly controlled management, and strong on-site leadership.
The sites – including locations in Warrington, South Wales, St Austell, Southampton, Hayling Island, across the Home Counties and within the M25 ring – were completed in three batches. A total of 16 crews were committed to the project.
But the real achievement was the timescale. A four-day slot was allocated for each site, but with the re-branding progressing so quickly, Applegreen operations were able to bring stock for the shop on Day Two, Fuel on Day Three and some sites even opened for business on the evening of Day Three. Others opened on Day Four.
The Xmo Strata crews maintained the demanding schedule, working around the deliveries, and overcoming unexpected problems such as access equipmentMachinery or equipment used to gain access to a place on a site. breakdowns and the prior removal of some sign panels which Applegreen had expected to remain.
Developments and Engineering Manager for Petrogas Global Ltd Conor Lucey said: “Xmo Strata were very professional to work with; they overcame challenges that arose from the nature of the takeover, all the while adhering to our strict timelines. This was achieved through very good communication between Xmo Strata and Applegreen along with a strong work ethic and focus on Health & Safety.”
Mr Martin said: “This was a pretty demanding project in every respect. Applegreen is a progressive and fast-moving company with high levels of professionalism and they have similar expectations of suppliers. Their progress is being closely watched by the entire industry, so it was also a high profile project.
“We were extremely pleased to win the business – and I am personally very proud of the teams that managed it, worked on it and delivered a great job for the customer, on time, safely and professionally, despite a few unexpected difficulties!”