Case Study – Anti Vandal Paint and Signware Project

Anti Vandal Paint and Signware Project

This client was looking for a company that could carry out an on-site security risk assessmentDocument assessing risks and documenting control measures needed to do a task., identify places that vandals or villains could climb onto their building, paint the access areas with a specialist anti-vandal paint and supply and install suitable warning signs.

The brief was to attend 125 sites and install two A3 security notices to their shop wall, apply anti-climb paint to all downpipes and guttering above 2.2 metres around the shop building and paint over any current wooden fascia’s that already have anti-vandal paint applied.

The project was successfully delivered on budget in four weeks and the client wrote an e-mail to our Project Coordinator, advising :

“This project has been possibly one of the smoothest run projects I have instructed so well done and many many thanks for the work yourself and Xmo engineers have put in. The project ran perfectly and the people behind the scenes should be congratulated for the works alongside the engineers. We had one minor hiccup and you resolved it in around 5 minutes; it was a great project.”