Case Studies

Case Studies

The Xmo Strata team are qualified to work on any corporate sign programme, whether that be sign installation, rebranding, re-imaging, sign maintenance, sign refurbishment or fast-track implementation of high volume point of sale promotions.

Our expertise also extends to proactive prevention of canopy impacts, structural canopy repairs, canopy roof replacements on filling stations.

The case studies contained here illustrate some of the more interesting projects that we have worked on, but not necessarily the largest or most challenging and we hope you enjoy reading them. 

Sign Installation & Rebranding


Secured as the result of a competitive tender, the challenge was for us to confidentially survey and prepare validations and costings, then implement a rebranding programme on 12 filling stations with just 4 days to complete each.


Project Mary

We re-branded 253 Filling Stations from the Total Oil image to the latest Shell visual standards in a 10 month period and set a new standards for environmental traceability of de-branded signware.



Working closely with Harkess-Ord and Stannah, the challenge was to rebrand 21 sites, including a head office and factory in 5 days that included a Bank Holiday. The scope included many different sign configurations and internal graphics.


Retail Sign Installation

As you would expect, we have installed many signs, for many clients, all over the UK. This example is based on installing a large format, polyester reinforced flexible faced sign that has no visible joins, fitted on a retail shed.


Image and Structural Canopy Maintenance

Canopy Roof Replacement

An example of one of the many petrol station canopy roofs that we have replaced; the work included replacement of gutters, top sheets and undersheets.


Esso Site Refresh

One of several Image Refresh programmes that we have worked on. This 200 site programme allowed a three-day turnaround to spray pumps, renew sign panels on MIDMain Identity Sign - The big Price sign on a petrol forecourt, sometimes referred to as Totem, Gantry, PID, Pole. Main Identity Sign, valet, paint, clear canopy guttering, renew illumination in pole signs and replace forecourt bins and safety signage.


In Situ Structural Canopy Alteration

This example of a petrol station structural canopy alteration reduced working at height, hot works, delivered a saving to the client and was very well received.


Avoiding Repeat Canopy Impacts

Several proactive ways that the Xmo team proactively try to save clients money and delivers added value by preventing the cost and site disruption associated with repeat filling station canopy impacts.


Esso Image and Structural Canopy Maintenance

This project has involves maintaining the image, canopies and canopy structure on hundreds of sites for more than 9 years, involving cleaning, valeting, sign maintenance, sign refurbishment, sign replacement, image refreshes, re-sheeting and re-roofing petrol station canopies and being on call to attend many emergency call-outs all over the UK.


BP Site Brand Investment

As a highly professional retailer BP recognise the need to continually invest in their brand. As part of this initiative, the Xmo Strata team were engaged in a comprehensive programme to clean, valet and refresh the image on 258 sites.


Environmental Programme

Shell ESSP (Energy Saving Site Programme)

The brief from the client was to deliver real environmental improvements across the whole of its real estate network and the Xmo Strata team were tasked with the prototype and development sites and then engaged as part of the roll-out. This initiative reduced energy bills by in excess of 25%.


Environmental Programmes

Recycling waste is something that all sign companies say they do, BUT do you believe everything you’re told? At Xmo Strata, we are able to record and share extremely detailed waste management reports that totally protect our clients from prosecution in the event that waste from their site is used inappropriately.

Point Of Sale Roll-Outs

Shell Nitro

A new fuel grade to promote on 512 sites; old posters to remove, new ones to fit and wall art on 30 of the higher profile sites in a tight 12 day window – that’s no problem for the Xmo team!


Retailer Point-of-Sale Promotions

Xmo Strata are proud of the reputation they have earned for delivering fast-track point-of-sale rollout programmes is an efficient, well managed and cost effective way. Managing photographs and documentation on 60 sites per day for a sustained period of time (in addition to business as usual) requires a particular skill-set that the Xmo team have proved that they have time and time again.



Anti Vandal Paint and Signware Project

This client was looking for a company that could carry out an on-site security risk assessmentDocument assessing risks and documenting control measures needed to do a task., identify places that vandals or villains could climb onto their building, paint the access areas with a specialist anti-vandal paint and supply and install suitable warning signs.