1001 Corporate Sign Installation And Maintenance Tips – Why Bother With A Business Continuity Plan?

1001 Corporate Sign Installation And Maintenance Tips – Why Bother With A Business Continuity Plan?

1001 Corporate Sign Installation And Maintenance Tips – Why Bother With A Business Continuity Plan?

Why bother with a Business Continuity Plan? – when we started trading in 2002, I will readily admit that we didn’t have a BCP and thought it was a waste of precious time developing one when I was advised by a Blue Chip client that it was necessary; I grudgingly took advice and was surprised at how many business critical threats there are, from things like avian bird flu to terrorist threats and even big sporting events like the Olympics coming to London in 2012.

Once developed, it sat there, unused for many years and apart from being updated as our perception of business critical threats grew, it seemed like ‘another procedure’ buried alongside other ‘unnecessary’ documentation and red tape. That was until Thursday 3rd March this year when a water main under the A229 road burst and flooded our Head Office ground floor, wiped out our phone lines, IT hardware and effectively our connection with the outside world; it was at that moment that the realisation hit!

Whilst our project co-ordinators called their respective clients immediately to make them aware, I called our insurers and the BCP insurance (something we had invested in for many years, believing it to be a drain on cash rather than an investment) kicked in; within 2 hours we had been offered a new office suite within 6 miles of our offices with screens, pc’s and phones. Our data could be transferred so we would have same day access and within a few hours the business would be back trading as normal.

In the event, we called in a mop up team, had the telephone services provider and our IT support company in and we had new hardware installed and were up and running at full speed again by midday, with almost no disruption at all to our clients.

Industrial dehumidifiers were utilised 24 hours per day for several weeks and as well as the IT hardware, we needed to replace flooring, filing cabinets, re-point both an internal and external wall and have our meeting room table and chairs French polished, but the Business Continuity Plan that had sat there apparently gathering dust for more than a decade finally paid for itself in one day.

Our planning had prevented any delays to us attending maintenance call-outs, meant that there were no site delays at all and in hindsight I would like to thank the clients who insisted on us having this and suggest that other estate managers, maintenance managers or rebranding managers have this on their list of ‘must-haves’ too.

Our wall during the event.

Images of the flood and damage.

The new floor!

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Steve Martin

I started Xmo Strata in 2002 in a back bedroom and its now the UK’s leading independent sign installation and maintenance company. The strategy was (and remains) to have the most highly trained sign installation teams in the country, resulting in fewer site visits, higher standards of safety and better quality and client value. We have an excellent management team that has secured us a comprehensive battery of accreditations, credentials, awards, commendations and prizes , details of which are on our website.