Why choose Xmo Strata?

Hiring a contractor represents a significant risk in the current legislative and regulatory environment.

If there’s an accident, the customer (not the contractor) may be wholly or partially legally liable for the consequences – even if natural justice may say that’s not fair!

Hiring Xmo Strata means that every aspect of that risk has been professionally addressed in the company’s continuous training, in its procedure and in its accreditations.

And the good news is that this is cost-neutral for Xmo Strata in the long term – which means that the company can offer the most competitive prices for its work.

It’s about reducing risk – not just to Xmo Strata and its employees, but to the customer.  And in the long run, if you reduce risk you not only save lives, and prevent injury – you save money, too.

The company specifies specific qualifications for each crew member – though many are qualified way in excess of the minimum requirements.  The number of training courses we have engaged in is detailed on the website homepage.

In additions to high level training and qualifications in their own trades, our crew members have qualifications which cover working in hazchem environments (such as fuel forecourts), working at height, using access equipmentMachinery or equipment used to gain access to a place on a site. and safety harnesses, asbestos awareness, firefighting, first aid, and manual handling.

There is continuous training in safety awareness and hazard identification.

All of which reduces the cost of our insurance cover and return visits (a significant cost element for service companies) – doing the job right, first time, is a priority for us.

There’ve been many examples recently of falling signs generating nationwide adverse publicity for the brand concerned, and for the installation company – not to mention criminal convictions and civil actions (all of which can easily incur costs in excess of £500,000).

Here are some examples:

Another Sign Fall?

A woman was knocked unconscious when a Clarks shoe shop sign apparently fell on top of her in Norwich.


Lucky Escape?

In May 2015, A pedestrian in her thirties is ‘lucky to be alive’ after a 20ft wide digital billboard weighing four tonnes came crashing down on top of her just days after it was installed. This was just hours after a shop sign fell down only several metres away.


Sign Related Death in Blackpool

 In January 2015, a woman who was killed when a Waterstones shop sign fell on her.


Firefighters rescue woman trapped under signage

In January 2015, a 26-year-old woman had to be rescued by firefighters after a sign fell off a shop trapping her underneath; she was then taken to hospital with suspected spinal injuries.


Sign Related Death in Camden

The UK media reported extensively in January 2013 on the death of a man allegedly killed by a sign falling from a William Hill betting shop in Camden, North London.

Witnesses were reported as hearing very loud noises then finding the man lying on the ground. Reports said unsuccessful attempts were made to resuscitate him; he was taken to hospital by ambulance after treatment at the scene but tragically his life could not be saved.

You can see the full Sky News report on the incident at:

Firms fined for decayed sign incident

The importance of good sign maintenance was highlighted at the end of 2013 when a sign company and developer were both fined after a decayed sign collapsed and caused permanent brain injury to a pedestrian. The sign company incurred a fine and costs of £82,855 whilst the sign owner received heavier penalties that equated to £522,692.
The full story can be seen on the HSE website here.

Woman killed after being struck by falling sign

In October 2012, a lady was killed when a large Staples shop sign fell on her.

People interviewed reported they had been concerned about the sign for some time.

Police said that the company could face criminal charges of negligence causing death.

The full story can be seen here.

Man Killed – Ernest Jones Sign

A man was killed when an Ernest Jones sign fell on him at Hanley’s Potteries Shopping Centre in Stoke

An 80 year old Grandmother was knocked unconscious and almost killed by a falling shop sign

In 2014, it was reported that An 80 year old Grandmother was knocked unconscious and suffered a fractured cheekbone and spinal damage after a Mountain Warehouse shop sign fell onto her in Weymouth, Cornwall.

Lee McDowell, senior environmental health officer at Cornwall Council, said: ‘I was shocked at how poorly the sign was fitted, and it was only luck that prevented it from killing someone.

‘You didn’t need to be an experienced sign fitter to realise screwing a heavy sign to a thin fascia board made up of predominantly MDF was not going to stay in place for long and would present a danger to passers-by.’

Huge Shop Fascia Sign Falls on a Lady’s Head
A WOMAN had a lucky escape when a 15 feet long by five feet high shop sign fell on her in a busy Bournemouth town centre as she was out on her lunch hour.

Horrified onlookers outside tReds, in Old Christchurch Road, said they heard screaming as the shoe store’s huge metal black, red and white fascia sign, hit the victim on the head as she walk past.
The full story can be seen here: http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/8462685.Lucky_escape_after_sign_falls_on_shocked_shopper_in_Bournemouth/


For further information on the legal implications of unsafe working practices or the qualifications held by Xmo Strata teams to manage these, please see the following pages:

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