Ethics Policy and Shared Values

Xmo Strata’s ethics policy is based on mutual respect.

Honesty, integrity and courtesy are essential to the way it does business and how it interacts with people. The company seeks to value all parties in its business relationships, including employees, customers, suppliers, sub contractors, neighbours, and other business associates and partners.

The company is committed to providing excellence in every way, with services that meet, and where possible exceed, customer expectations.

The health and safety of Xmo Strata’s employees and workplaces are paramount and its working practices and policies have been designed to minimise any risk to them. All employees are actively encouraged to firstly address, and then report unsafe working conditions or practices, wherever they may find them so we can learn and share the findings with others.

The company does not tolerate harassment or discrimination regarding race, gender, age, disability, sexual preference or religious beliefs in any form and actively works to provide a workplace free of such behaviour.

Xmo Strata is committed to providing equal opportunities in recruitment, salary, benefits, training, promotion, discipline and termination, and equally strives to help all employees to reach their full potential within the company.

Xmo Strata provides a service considered to be in the best interests of both staff and customers. Values the company hopes to share with clients and employees include:

  • Striving to provide the best
  • Ensuring a safe working environment
  • Advocating staff training and developing business acumen
  • Leading through example
  • Upholding and raising quality standards across the industry
  • Establishing trusted working relationships