Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson

Project Coordinator


Emily Wilson

Job title:

Project Coordinator

A day in the life of me:

It can vary greatly from allocating labour for individual maintenance call outs to coordinating roll-out programmes that involve hundreds of site visits in a cost effective manner. I also ensure that crews have all the plant and equipment they need along with the correct instruction for the job in hand.

Before starting at Xmo Strata:

I worked my way up from administrator to sales estimator for a natural ventilation company – it was a manufacturing-only division. I left as I wanted to develop my career and see the other side of the coin, installation, that’s where Xmo Strata came in…

The thing I most enjoy about my job:

The sense of achievement it gives me when I have planned a large programme of works effectively and the crews pass comment on how the route has made their working day easier. I enjoy helping people.

The thing I dislike most about my job:

Four-hour call outs at 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon – it could be a real challenge to persuade people to drop their plans for a Friday evening and attend, luckily for me our guys are dedicated.

Training courses completed while at Xmo Strata:

IOSH Managing Safely, First Aid & Fire, UK PIA, Asbestos Awareness, Work Station Safety Plus, Hearts & Minds, Value Creation, Dealing with Complaints, Non-Conformances.

Why I wanted to work for Xmo Strata:

It is very hard to explain why you choose to work for one company over another as it is just a gut feeling you get. The company seemed very welcoming and really dedicated to their employees, you could tell that you would indeed be an employee and not just a number. It also provided me the opportunity to work for an installation business.

What makes Xmo Strata different to the rest?

Health & Safety – I have never worked for a company that value Health & Safety with such esteem and have learnt a lot in the three years I have been here. I now notice poor safety practice when out with my partner at weekends, and pull him up on his bad habits at work! The training we receive naturally instils a culture within you.

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