1001 Corporate Sign Installation And Maintenance Tips – Sign Project Performance Measurement

1001 Corporate Sign Installation And Maintenance Tips – Sign Project Performance Measurement

How will the success of your corporate sign or rebranding project be measured?

In addition to sound project management, and a good contract, you need a mechanism for measuring Key Performance Data as you go along. This will enable you to spot problems early, and negotiate penalty clauses from a strong position. Insist on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Does your sign service provider actively operate a continuous improvement programme throughout its business?

You should be shown evidence of a formal system, throughout the company, for capturing information about lessons learned. You should be looking at documentation which includes graphs and charts, not just listening to a meaningless piece of Ricky Gervais‐style management jargon.

Do they carry out regular supplier audits of its sign manufacturers, component manufacturers, or suppliers, (as appropriate) to protect the quality of its installations, and to monitor the quality of components used?

Your brand’s new signs won’t look new for long if the installer uses cheap, de‐specced components to get the costs down, and win a tight tender, or improve the margins. Companies claiming to offer a premium product should have total control over their supply chain – otherwise, you should take control yourself, and hire other companies directly.

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Steve Martin
I started Xmo Strata in 2002 in a back bedroom and its now the UK’s leading independent sign installation and maintenance company. The strategy was (and remains) to have the most highly trained sign installation teams in the country, resulting in fewer site visits, higher standards of safety and better quality and client value. We have an excellent management team that has secured us a comprehensive battery of accreditations, credentials, awards, commendations and prizes , details of which are on our website.