1001 Corporate Sign Installation And Maintenance Tips – What’s More Important, Character Or Reputation?

1001 Corporate Sign Installation And Maintenance Tips – What’s More Important, Character Or Reputation?

1001 Corporate Sign Installation And Maintenance Tips – What’s More Important, Character Or Reputation??


I’m probably accurate in saying that many smart businesses invest in marketing, PR and social media campaigns to build their reputation, but my question is whether the reputation, or the character of a business and those working in it is more important.


I don’t think anyone reading this blog could argue that the sign installation and sign maintenance business that I founded almost 14 years ago isn’t well qualified. Amongst other qualifications, we have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, are accredited by DNV to the International Contractors Safety Rating System and by the NICEIC for carrying our electrical works in hazardous areas and over the years we have sent our employees on more than 2,000 training courses.

So, why bother with all that?

Under the Health & Safety At Work Act etc 1974 we are obliged to provide information, instruction, training and supervision and if we employ subcontractors or YOU  employ any contractor, they must legally be accredited with proof, detailing that they are knowledgeable, experienced, have practical ability and training in the task they are being asked to undertake.

If they aren’t,  the person employing them i.e. the client is fully accountable in law.

Quite simply, I want to tick all the boxes to keep me, my management team and my clients out of jail – many others don’t bother, usually because it costs money and they are oblivious to the detail, or the genuine value of this sort of investment in people.

So, we have all these qualifications and training, so that makes us perfect, right?

Of course not – we make mistakes like the next man does; we don’t hide that fact and don’t cover them up.

Our character is founded on honesty and integrity; trying our best to do things properly is part of our DNA. Take five minutes to check out our website homepage – look at the stats on there and it’ll give you a clue to how analytical we are about quality, meeting deadlines and service delivery.

So – our reputation must be fantastic then, right?

Well, it is fantastic with the people who have used us for years and regularly place work with us, but it’s not always the case because reputations are affected by what others say.

We are highly qualified, so less qualified companies might say we are expensive and people may believe that, but in the real world, effectiveness, reduced waste and improved inefficiencies keep costs lower.

NEBOSHNational Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. accreditation is mandatory for becoming a Director at Xmo Strata and we encourage and invest in the training of others. We encourage our employees to identify unsafe conditions and unsafe acts and more importantly to make them safe – this protects our clients against prosecution from site patrons that allege they have been hurt and try to sue using a no-win-no-fee lawyer. So far, we have made almost 1,000 hazards on site safe at no cost whatsoever to our clients – again, that’s the character of our business. Our competitors will call us ‘the safety police’ but that’s fine – I’ll take that because what counts is our character, not our reputation.

Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities that define an individual or business.

Reputation is what others are led to ‘think’ about an individual or business.

These things are VERY different.

I am clear on the character of the company that I manage and I know that if I wanted a sign business to do my work properly, safely and to a good standard, I would employ Xmo Strata every time.

As for reputation, we have a very good one with the clients we have worked with for many years that know exactly how we perform (just take a look at the awards page on our website) –  I’ll let you make your own mind up about our reputation because personally, I think character is much more important and we have that in abundance.

Below is a summary of the hazards that we have addressed at no cost to our clients up until December 2015.

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Steve Martin

I started Xmo Strata in 2002 in a back bedroom and its now the UK’s leading independent sign installation and maintenance company. The strategy was (and remains) to have the most highly trained sign installation teams in the country, resulting in fewer site visits, higher standards of safety and better quality and client value. We have an excellent management team that has secured us a comprehensive battery of accreditations, credentials, awards, commendations and prizes , details of which are on our website.