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Xmo Strata provides a comprehensive service covering sign installation, sign maintenance, sign servicing, sign repair and sign renovation implemented by the most highly qualified sign engineers industry wide.


Sign Installation & Re-Branding

Xmo Strata specialises in large national sign roll-out programmes, and has an extensive client base in this field. Complete project management is offered.

Sign Maintenance

Signage is an essential part of corporate identity, and the commercial success of any company is dependent, to some degree, upon the physical appearance of its premises.

Forecourt Canopy and Structural Repairs

As well as sign installation and sign maintenance, Xmo Strata also offers a full range of image, signware and canopy related repairs on forecourts.

Emergency Call-outs

Duty Engineers are contactable at all times via mobile phone or email. This ensures that emergency call-outs are dealt with promptly.

Electrical Work

Xmo Strata provides a full range of electrical contracting including commercial electrical wiring and periodic testing. .

Painting, Spraying & Valeting

Xmo Strata offers on-site painting. spraying & valeting, using the very latest and most effective techniques, paint systems and procedures.

Case Studies

This section doesn’t necessarily cover the largest, but includes a selection of the more interesting jobs that we have worked on and includes large scale rebrands, image refresh, sign maintenance, structural repair, petrol station re-roofing and energy saving environmental programmes. 

XmoMan Management System

Without data you are just another person with an opinion. XmoMan has been in use for the last ten years and is pivotal in the efficient running of the company. It is a comprehensive database of all Xmo Strata jobs, locations and stock, as well as including detailed information on health and safety, quality analysis, value creation, estimating, purchasing, training, vehicle maintenance and job planning.


Site Surveying and Validations

An accurate survey and planning is critical to a sign installation, rebranding or sign maintenance the job going right. Xmo Strata offer both low level and high level surveys and are able to create a validation document that incorporates photographs to illustrate the proposed treatment and scope of works for customer sign off and agreement before the work commences. 

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What people say about us:

  • “We have indeed had a great working relationship during my 6 years at BP, and the service in the main has been second to none, particularly with the Co-op conversions.  Thanks again.”
    Keith Trevor, Key Account Manager – BP Oil (UK) Ltd
  • "During the early stages of the project, it had been said that it was impossible to achieve the 'Energy' rebranding in time for the advertising campaign. It clearly wasn't impossible, but it did prove to be an extremely difficult task. I have to thank you personally and your company, for all your assistance in making this a successful project. I have to add that we achieved the greatest accolade, 'client satisfaction'. "I have to thank you for your honest and open approach during the Tender Process, when you assessed your capability and workload to ensure that you could achieve the extremely testing targets set for you. Thank you for extending your scope to include additional sites, which would otherwise not have been completed in the required timescale."
    Phil Brumby, Managing Director, Coteba Ltd
  • "Xmo Strata is one of the few companies in its sector that tries to work with site staff to minimise disruption, as well as genuinely meeting the high standards of safety, quality and service it promises."
    Dermot Dowling, Director of Petrocell Holdings Ltd
  • "Xmo Strata have re-branded and upgraded a number of sites for The Motor Fuels Group and their service, quality, safety and attention to detail has always been excellent."
    Tony Head, Operations & Development Director - Motor Fuel Group Plc
  • "Xmo Strata is a highly reputable, well-directed and innovative company, which has forged a genuinely new path in this industry, to the good of the sector as a whole. The growth of this company, in a very short time, has been remarkable. All the more so, because its objective is to provide a premium-quality service in an industry which has tended to place low operating costs above all other considerations. "The comprehensive training procedures have set a new benchmark in the sign installation and maintenance sector. For the first time, the industry has access to sign installation teams which meet the highest skills requirements in every area of activity."
    Mike Connolly, Sign Industry Consultant and Deputy Editor of Sign Directions
  • "We were impressed with Xmo Strata's communication, both in advance and throughout the image change, as this ensured that all risks were identified in advance and well managed. Because everything was well planned, every eventuality was dealt with in a prompt and professional manner, ensuring minimum downtime on any site."
    Brian Madderson, Managing Director of George Hammond
  • The programme which was spread out over 5 months was handled very effectively from its early trial stages through to full implementation. I was particularly impressed with the feedback and suggestions we received from Xmo through the trial phases that meant when we rolled it out across the entire network it went as smoothly as possible. At all stages communication with everybody within Xmo was superb, right the way up to Steve, nothing was too much trouble and perhaps the best I can say in this regard was that it never really felt like a client/contractor relationship and more like a partnership to achieve the desired goal.
  • “If you ever need a reference please do not hesitate to contact me as I will be proud to tell anyone that Xmo Strata are the most professional, competent and socially conscious company I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”
    Graham Warnell, UK Maintenance Manager – BP/ Bovis Global Alliance
  • “I have worked with Xmo Strata on a number of our rebranding and site conversions and always found them to be professional and flexible. They are always helpful and very proactive when it comes to foreseeing and solving problems. I would encourage all contractors to work the way Xmo do.”
    Paul Whiston, Regional Manager – MRH Retail
  • "I have worked with Xmo Strata on a number of our rebranding and site conversions and always found them to be professional and flexible. They are always helpful and very proactive when it comes to foreseeing and solving problems. I would encourage all contractors to work the way Xmo do."
    Paul Whiston, Regional Manager - MRH Retail
  • "I am writing to thank your company for your combined HSSE commitment and professionalism whilst re branding Ring Road North Filling Station in Alloa. "The professionalism of the Xmo Strata crew on site was second to none and the crew was one of the most HSSE conscious we had ever worked with."
    Graeme Warnell, Maintenance Manager Northern Europe, Global Alliance
  • "Many of the industry's leading players have failed to survive in recent years. "The sign industry is plagued by undercapitalised companies that often win work, struggle to make it pay and consequently look at ways to cut costs. Quite often the first corners to be cut are those relating to safety. "Since working as one of our key supplychain partners since 2005, Xmo Strata has certainly added value. The company continually look to improve service levels and has proactively contributed to our 'value creation' initiative. "Xmo Strata has a 'top down' attitude to safety and as a result of this has won our top safety award."
    Dan Pass, Project Engineer, ABB
  • “Our client Shell is amongst the largest corporations in the world and as we do at Artelia, expect best value along with the highest levels of service, safety and environmental performance. Xmo Strata certainly achieved all the SLA’s agreed, overcame a number of unforeseen obstacles that would have otherwise delayed the programme, delivered additional value and worked with our team to deliver the best environmental traceability reports that we have seen to date.”
    Mark Day, Director of Multi-Site, Artelia UK
  • "The re-imaging project was controlled by Xmo Strata in a most professional and sympathetic manner which ensured the minimum disruption to the sites and optimum communications with our staff. "They really did an outstanding job."
    CB Madderson, Managing Director - George Hammond Plc
  • "If you ever need a reference please do not hesitate to contact me as I will be proud to tell anyone that Xmo Strata are the most professional, competent and socially conscious company I have ever had the pleasure of working with."
    Graham Warnell, UK Maintenance Manager - BP/ Bovis Global Alliance
  • "Xmo Strata were very professional to work with; they overcame challenges that arose from the nature of the takeover (of 12 sites purchased from the Co-Op), all the while adhering to our strict timelines. This was achieved through very good communication between Xmo Strata and Applegreen along with a strong work ethic and focus on Health & Safety."
    Conor Lucey, Developments and Engineering Manager for Petrogas Global Ltd
  • "Whilst I was a Fuel Sales Manager, Xmo Strata was employed to convert all the Dealer sites I signed up to the BP network. I was always very impressed with the professionalism and quality of work. My job was to negotiate with and offer an excellent service to my Dealers; I was always very appreciative of the way Xmo tried to offer solutions to any problems that arose, making my life as easy as possible and leaving me to do what I was good at. Now, as a Director of The Golden Cross Group we operate 10 sites and I would always favour Xmo Strata ahead of any other rebranding or sign maintenance company I know."
    Stuart Giles, Director of The Golden Cross Group
  • "I have worked closely with the Xmo team since the company was formed and believe they are the industry leaders when it comes to re-branding and undertaking image and canopy structural maintenance. "They certainly meet their claims of being the most qualified sign contractor and this shows in their whole approach... "I would not hesitate to recommend Xmo Strata to any dealer who is responsible for specifying a signware contractor.
    Paul Suchodolski, H&S Compliance Manager - Snax 24